Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hess Felony Charges Thrown Out

   In the June 14th issue, the Virginia City News reports that Senior Judge Edward Johnson of Dayton has dismissed felony charges against former Storey County Commissioner Greg "Bum" Hess stemming from an altercation February 1 with former Virginia City High School student Kody Burrell. The judge left open the possible refiling of misdemeanor charges at a later date.

Greg "Bum" Hess   
   The front page news article went into great detail regarding the arguments at hand. By-lined to Karen Woodmansee, it detailed the judges decision and an extensive review of Deputy Attorney General Rhonda Clifton's rebuttal and explanation of the law involved. In summing up, editors reported that actual testimony will be published next week.

   In a companion Woodmansee article, Scott Burrell, father of victim Kody, explained his armed involvement in the same incident. Sheriff Gerald Antinoro acted to defuse the situation by explanation to Burrell about what was about to happen. Based on statements by Hess, according to the article, Burrell feared for the safety of his family and had armed himself against possible further violence.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Geothermal Profile

If your are in any way interested in the geothermal potential of our area, and you should, a new study has produced a national map that graphically presents how rich Nevada is in unused potential.
Meanwhile, I have taken the first steps toward installing a vertical closed-loop system to heat and cool my 600 sq. ft. mobile home. As you might think, the process is complicated due to both existing law and the politics involved in any new project around here. I will post events as they take place in hope that you, dear reader, also consider this and other alternatives to polluting power sources. Yes, Patrick is set up to burn coal if necessary.