Monday, October 26, 2009

Joe Peri Passes

Reports have come in that Joe Peri has passed away. No details have been forthcoming, but it was said to have been 5 weeks and one hour after his twin brother Jim succumbed suddenly. More to come.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Assistant Sheriff Antinoro speaks at Memorial for Eileen Pruitt

OK. officer. Some of the remarks probably were aimed at me and this blog. There was no "drinking party" as I may have alluded to in a previous post? Was Bonnet just stupid drunk on his own? Driving?
I have emailed Commissioner Kershaw calling for his immediate resignation. If he was one of the two "would be rescuers" that pulled Bonnet off Eileen, and made the "911 call" that brought help, and it took an eternal two minutes as he claimed in a television interview, this does not belie that he was the reason that Bonnet was in Lockwood in the first place. His misjudgment of the young man is the strategic and singularly cause to resign a post where judgments affecting the community are made commonly. It is fortunate for the citizens that term limits dictate this his last term in office.
While earthquake prediction is still in its infancy, cautions have made Tsunami (tidal wave) prediction precise. This, of course, was neither and the Sheriff's comparison merely attempts to skirt Kershaw's lack of judgement. We may never know what actually happened but we will endeavor to be present at the upcoming court appearance in November to hear what the evidence is against Bonnet.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Senseless Homicide Occures On Sunday

Eileen Pruitt, a good soul with a love for animals and others, was beaten to death over a cigarette on Sunday, October 18th. She had been walking her dogs when Ryan Bonnett approached her to bum a cigarette. When refused his request, and in face of her dog barking, Bonnett attacked; brutally beating Eileen, stomping her to within the actual breath of life.

Taken by ambulance to Renown Hospital, she underwent surgery that was unsuccessful in saving her life.

The sole caregiver to her father Ray, Eileen was a good woman. She had a unique sense of humor and generous heart. She demanded that Ray remain at home, in her care, rather than put in a managed care home. Since her sudden demise, Ray has disappeared; or, at least, is not answering his door or phone. A search is underway by the Sheriff to find him, and the community is rallying to see he has the care he needs. We only hope he has escaped this insanity, taking refuge in a friends home, his own home, his place of worship, or an other place of comfort.

The whole community remains in shock over the senselessness of Eileen's sudden death. Several have called for prosecution to the full extent of the law; for Murder in the First or Second Degree; rather than any lesser charge of Manslaughter, or simple Assault. It has been learned that Eileen did suffer a serious neck injury recently. This may have contributed, but the trauma inflicted by Bonnet on Sunday caused her death. Otherwise, it would have occurred in its own natural time; not at his hand.

Beyond this, there may be insider political intrigues brewing. Bonnett is said to be the boyfriend of current Story County Commissioner Bob Kershaw's daughter. The attack occurred in front of Kershaw's Rainbow Bend home, one of two he maintains in Lockwood. Both are said to be used by young men and women for parties. While Kershaw may claim to have nothing to do with this tragic situation, it seems questionable that a drinking party was happening at or around his home; that included considerable alcohol intake by Bonnett; without Kershaw being present; or, at the least, designating someone competent to be in charge of the situation. If only...

It did take two others present to pull Bonnett off brutally stomping Eileen. Bonnett is said to have partaken at a veterans-only food bank in Reno about six weeks ago. To do so, he would have needed to prove service in America's Armed Forces. He is said to have there claimed service in the US Army's elite Special Forces. If so, he had training in lethal hand-to-hand tactics. If proven true, there leaves no doubt that Bonnet faces a future that will be his greatest challenge and perhaps his end.

Meanwhile, no announcement regarding Memorial Service or burial have been forthcoming from Eileen's family. Bonnett remains in Storey County Jail without bail under an Open Murder charge.