Saturday, October 24, 2009

Assistant Sheriff Antinoro speaks at Memorial for Eileen Pruitt

OK. officer. Some of the remarks probably were aimed at me and this blog. There was no "drinking party" as I may have alluded to in a previous post? Was Bonnet just stupid drunk on his own? Driving?
I have emailed Commissioner Kershaw calling for his immediate resignation. If he was one of the two "would be rescuers" that pulled Bonnet off Eileen, and made the "911 call" that brought help, and it took an eternal two minutes as he claimed in a television interview, this does not belie that he was the reason that Bonnet was in Lockwood in the first place. His misjudgment of the young man is the strategic and singularly cause to resign a post where judgments affecting the community are made commonly. It is fortunate for the citizens that term limits dictate this his last term in office.
While earthquake prediction is still in its infancy, cautions have made Tsunami (tidal wave) prediction precise. This, of course, was neither and the Sheriff's comparison merely attempts to skirt Kershaw's lack of judgement. We may never know what actually happened but we will endeavor to be present at the upcoming court appearance in November to hear what the evidence is against Bonnet.


Anonymous said...

The Rainbow Bend HOA should seriously consider making a rule to disallow non-family members of homeowners from living in the community. If we had a rule like that, this never would have happened.

Anonymous said...

This is shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. What was needed is more Community Watch efforts and immediate police action based on calls fom involved citizens.