Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pat Mylan Passes

Word has come that longtime Mustang Bar owner Pat Mylan has died. Arrangements for burial at the Veterans Cemetary in Fernley were being made for Firday, November 27th according to reports from a former resident of the mobile home park. As of this writing, no confirmation of this is available.

Pat owned and operated the Mustang Bar and adjacent Sage Mobile Home Park on the Washoe side in Mustang, located at 11950 Interstate 80 East, Route 1, for several decades. Following some troubles with Washoe County over the water system, he had sold the property to Q&D Construction, who closed the park and bar. He once said he moved to Mustang in the mid-1940s, when it was, "Just dust and sagebrush."

This comes after the recent passings of Jim and Joe Peri, also pioneers and longtime residents of the area. It has been learned that their property, with the exception of the actual Peri Ranch homestead, has been sold to interests owning the Old Bridge brothel property. The brothel has been closed for several months.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

UPDATE: Eileen Pruitt Case

The Preliminary Hearing for Ryan Bonnett scheduled for tomorrow has been continued. A new date for that hearing will be scheduled next week and will appear in this blog. He is being held in the Storey County jail awaiting this hearing. He is being represented by the Public Defender.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where's the money?

Tonight we are chasing down the Grants/Awards Summary for Storey County from the Recovery.gov website.

So far we see:
$350,714 going into Sub-award 2610-15-8615 - STOREY COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT, for salaries and suport;


$1,361,000 to the Canyon General Improvement District with this quote:
"This federal grant provides funding to the State of Nevada to capitalize its revolving loan fund for financing the construction of wastewater treatment facilities, green infrastructure, program administration and clean water releated activities. The primary purposes of the agreement are to preserve jobs and promote economic recovery."
The Recipient:
Nevada Division of Environmental Protection,
David Emme.

AND NOTHING ELSE? Click the Recovery.com link and see if you find anything else to our local benefit. I didn't. Nevada is #32 of the 50 states listed. This funding above is out of $275 billion available for federal contracts, grants and loans; or about .6% (or 6 one thousandths) of the available money. Jobs created have become a topic of controversy on local television. For certain, there are obvious questions regarding the makeup of the crews working in LCC.
UPDATE: November 19th
Read Mr. Emme's email replay in Comments to this entry below. Calls following up have not as yet been returned.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Update

A hunter shot a local 4-point buck somewhere between Peri Ranch Road and Canyon Way last weekend. Authorities were alerted by a citizen who heard the shot(s). Sheriffs from Washoe County were first to arrive, followed by Fish and Game wardens and Storey County Sheriff deputies. The hunter was detained on scene while the proper licenses and deer tag were checked. Then everybody went home.

Workers on the new sewer system in LLC are rumored to have left open something that caused the plumbing in one LCC unit to back up and overflow into the house. The house was closed for a short time due to the unsanitary conditions. A Urban Disaster company was hired and cleaned up the mess. The smell has dissipated, after several days of putrid emission.
Several neighbors have remarked at the liability cost to the construction company. Meanwhile the work goes on to the detrement of car finishes and community quiet. It has been offered that it will be over by the New Year's Day 2010. Holding your breath? Me too. And not just for the smell.

Someone has put up purple ribbons on local trees and other street furniture. Purple is a color of rememberance. Was this for Eileen Pruitt?
Inquiry thus far has yielded no clear message behind this gesture. Anybody know what this is about?

If you have more information about either of these incidents, please submit a Comment. This goes for any other event you may deem of interest to this community.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What was THAT explosion?

A loud explosion rocked Lockwood about 1:20 this afternoon.

Many went to the street to find out what was happening. Others got in their vehicle and drove around, looking for possible danger or an explanation.

The explanation was that the construction project, building our new water treatment plant along the river in Lockwood, had used dynamite to loosen the earth for excavation. There was no siren or whistle warning discernible in LCC. No word was given in warning by CGID or LCC officials. Just a sudden, loud and earth-shaking explosion.

It might have been nice if some warning had been given, but neither CGID, the construction company, or LCC maintains an online presence (like this blog) for word to get out. And they wonder why folks complain when greeted with events like today at 1:20.

Gentlemen, if you are going to use dynamite, at least give us some warning by adding a Comment to this blog. We will appreciate it. Thanks for any consideration.

ADD on November 5th: Read the Comment below. Seems I was wrong about the where and the who. But, still, a little warning would have been appreciated. I got my information from one of the construction crew...figured he knew what he was talking about. Word to the wise...be cautious, eh?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Obiturary for Joe Peri Published

The Reno-Gazette Journal has published an obituary of Joe Peri here
In part:
"A memorial service and celebration of Joe's life is planned for Monday, November 9, 2009 at noon, at the Immaculate Conception Church in Sparks, NV, with a reception immediately following at the church. In lieu of flowers, the family wishes that any donations be made to the Hospice Foundation of Northern Nevada, P.O. Box 51138, Sparks, NV 89435. Walton Sparks Funeral Home, 1745 Sullivan Lane, was entrusted with arrangements. We invite you to share memories, thoughts and condolences in the family guestbook at www.waltonsfuneralhome.com."


Monday, October 26, 2009

Joe Peri Passes

Reports have come in that Joe Peri has passed away. No details have been forthcoming, but it was said to have been 5 weeks and one hour after his twin brother Jim succumbed suddenly. More to come.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Assistant Sheriff Antinoro speaks at Memorial for Eileen Pruitt

OK. officer. Some of the remarks probably were aimed at me and this blog. There was no "drinking party" as I may have alluded to in a previous post? Was Bonnet just stupid drunk on his own? Driving?
I have emailed Commissioner Kershaw calling for his immediate resignation. If he was one of the two "would be rescuers" that pulled Bonnet off Eileen, and made the "911 call" that brought help, and it took an eternal two minutes as he claimed in a television interview, this does not belie that he was the reason that Bonnet was in Lockwood in the first place. His misjudgment of the young man is the strategic and singularly cause to resign a post where judgments affecting the community are made commonly. It is fortunate for the citizens that term limits dictate this his last term in office.
While earthquake prediction is still in its infancy, cautions have made Tsunami (tidal wave) prediction precise. This, of course, was neither and the Sheriff's comparison merely attempts to skirt Kershaw's lack of judgement. We may never know what actually happened but we will endeavor to be present at the upcoming court appearance in November to hear what the evidence is against Bonnet.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Senseless Homicide Occures On Sunday

Eileen Pruitt, a good soul with a love for animals and others, was beaten to death over a cigarette on Sunday, October 18th. She had been walking her dogs when Ryan Bonnett approached her to bum a cigarette. When refused his request, and in face of her dog barking, Bonnett attacked; brutally beating Eileen, stomping her to within the actual breath of life.

Taken by ambulance to Renown Hospital, she underwent surgery that was unsuccessful in saving her life.

The sole caregiver to her father Ray, Eileen was a good woman. She had a unique sense of humor and generous heart. She demanded that Ray remain at home, in her care, rather than put in a managed care home. Since her sudden demise, Ray has disappeared; or, at least, is not answering his door or phone. A search is underway by the Sheriff to find him, and the community is rallying to see he has the care he needs. We only hope he has escaped this insanity, taking refuge in a friends home, his own home, his place of worship, or an other place of comfort.

The whole community remains in shock over the senselessness of Eileen's sudden death. Several have called for prosecution to the full extent of the law; for Murder in the First or Second Degree; rather than any lesser charge of Manslaughter, or simple Assault. It has been learned that Eileen did suffer a serious neck injury recently. This may have contributed, but the trauma inflicted by Bonnet on Sunday caused her death. Otherwise, it would have occurred in its own natural time; not at his hand.

Beyond this, there may be insider political intrigues brewing. Bonnett is said to be the boyfriend of current Story County Commissioner Bob Kershaw's daughter. The attack occurred in front of Kershaw's Rainbow Bend home, one of two he maintains in Lockwood. Both are said to be used by young men and women for parties. While Kershaw may claim to have nothing to do with this tragic situation, it seems questionable that a drinking party was happening at or around his home; that included considerable alcohol intake by Bonnett; without Kershaw being present; or, at the least, designating someone competent to be in charge of the situation. If only...

It did take two others present to pull Bonnett off brutally stomping Eileen. Bonnett is said to have partaken at a veterans-only food bank in Reno about six weeks ago. To do so, he would have needed to prove service in America's Armed Forces. He is said to have there claimed service in the US Army's elite Special Forces. If so, he had training in lethal hand-to-hand tactics. If proven true, there leaves no doubt that Bonnet faces a future that will be his greatest challenge and perhaps his end.

Meanwhile, no announcement regarding Memorial Service or burial have been forthcoming from Eileen's family. Bonnett remains in Storey County Jail without bail under an Open Murder charge.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jim Peri passes suddenly at age 85

James Lockwood Peri passed away on the morning of September 19, 2009, at his residence. He was born, October 10, 1923, on the Lockwood family farm where he resided his entire life;  to immigrant Italians, Constantino and Narcisa Peri from the village of Monte Catina, Italy. He met and married, on January 28, 1951, Louise Giovanni Cordone of Reno. They had five children together; James John, Joseph Henry, Robert Angelo, Julia Marie, and Kathleen Louise. There are eight grandchildren: Julia Reed, Jake Banks, Megan Peri, Marisa Peri, Spencer Peri, Christian Peri, Morgan Peri, and Jordan Peri. He is survived by his twin brother and lifelong partner, Joseph Fred Peri.

Jim's greatest pleasures in life were his family and delivering produce the family had grown to the local market. He worked and ran what was left of the family farm up to the day he passed away. The main part of the family farm had moved in 1980 to Yerington, NV, with the next generation of family. He was a lifetime member of the Nevada Farm Bureau and Sons of Italy.

He lived his life to the fullest; may he Rest in Peace in the same good earth he loved to grow produce in his whole life.

Viewing and visitation for Jim is scheduled for 3-8pm, Sunday, September 27th, at Walton Funeral Home, 875 W. 2nd Street, Reno. A funeral service is scheduled for 10:30am, Monday the 28th at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Sparks. Burial will follow at Our Mother Of Sorrows Cemetery in Reno.

In lieu of flowers, Jim wishes that, in this economy, donations be made in his name to the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.

Shared memories, thoughts and condolences may be made or read in the family guestbook at http://waltons.lifefiles.com/registryGuestbookViewMore.php?i_memorialid=1253675093&i_entryid=1253719578&o=

The foregoing was taken from a published obituary on page 2C of the Wednesday, September 23, 2009 edition of the Reno Gazette-Journal/RGJ.com.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Administrator4u Revealed

Yes, it is I. (Or me.)
Having grown tired of the intrigue, I decided to come clean and let ya'all know who is the culprit behind this blog. I can't remember why I made it anonymous in the first place.
Of interest will be how this posts.
Let's see.
BTW you can post here, too. Just leave a comment with your email address and, eventually, you will be invited. Then reply to the email you receive.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

LCC Upcoming Committee Meetings

Member committee meetings are scheduled as follows:
Beautification Committee, 6pm, October 6th at the LCC office;
Fall Cleanup Day Committee, 6pm, Oct 10th, LCC Office.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bending the River at Mustang

Major work has begun in "returning the river to its natural course." A couple of MILLION dollars are to be spent on God-knows-what. Suprise, suprise.

What is up with the CGID lately?

Say what you will, this is about the fence "around" the Canyon General Improvement District's (CGID) yard on Canyon Road.
My opinion: the fence is UGLY and a big waste of money: the entire south end is left completely open. It wouldn't keep out an elephant. A great 'Big F-You' to you citizens and YOUR money. It makes the community look like a military encampment.
Another example of what passes for local operations gone awry; like the sewer construction company not dealing with our current annoying dust problem. We are promised it will end by February.
The monthly sewer rates that CGID plans to start charging in January are a bit over-the-top. A call to ask about how those rates were set only brought an angry reaction and, after a few followup questions, a very rude hang up. There was an eventual call back; saying a letter from "the Federal government person" that either set, or had a major role in setting, that rate will be forthcoming. Watch this space. Governing enities on this side of the river don't seem to like questions about anything they plan. Even from a blog like this. Be forewarned.
The Board of Directors of LCC announced at this month's meeting they are planning to roll back their monthy payment demand less than half what will be the sewer fee increase of monthly CGID payments. That is, if all remains as published in the CGID monthly single-sheet-covers-all mailing that comes with their bill about a week after the first of every month..

If this information is at odds with any secrecy agreement in any current Rules and Regulations, the Board is invited to involve this writer in yet another LCC stupid law suit. After all it concerns of both the LCC corporation and wider community and folks outta know. And, of course, Consititutional guarentees to free speech.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sign Up for Food Co-op

Nope, not quite yet. We (an aggregate of maybe three) are looking into possibly making a food co-op for the East Truckee River Canyon community(s). If you are interested, sign up here. Sign-ups will continue through this year. The co-op will begin operation when there are enough participants to make wholesale buying economically feasible.
You need to leave a means to be contacted on the sign-up listing or via email.
Read the previous blog entry for more details.

Friday, August 21, 2009

After a long absence: MORE STUFF!

It may be givng me away, but the long period between blog entries is due to lack of interest (mine) and (just incidentally) major surgery.

A Food Co-op is being formed to augment the existing Food Bank at the Lockwood Center on Peri Ranch Road.

The Food Bank is open every Monday and Wednesday. Sign ups begin at 10am. There is usually a line that begins to form very early; so come early!

Food Co-op questionaires and first Order forms will be made when sufficient participation is gathered. Rules and By-laws are being solicited, so add a Comment if you have ideas about how to do this thing!
There may be a fee as annual or monthly (maybe weekly) dues.
All members will be expected to contribute (on a rotating basis) toward doing the work involved. This means it is foolhearty to get involved unless you can volunteer a few hours a month to make this work. Ordering will be online and via a signed written form. Certain exceptions are seen as necessary regarding price structure. That will be handled discretely.
At this juncture, the Co-op is just being organized. A questionaire may be included in the LCC monthly mailing to enlist your participation. Fill it out and leave it at the mailboxes. There will be a box for this purpose. Later, it will be used to collect Order Forms. Future weekly forms will be available at the Center and other locations in the community.

This co-op will make fresh vegetables, fruit, cheese, and other foodstuffs available at wholesale or below costs. Ordering will dictate buying; so get your orders in before the deadline. Orders will be distributed on a weekly schedule. To expedite delivery and keep costs within reason, members will have to come pick up their orders. There will be exception available if a person is unable to do this.

FYI: this co-op will be organized either as augmentation of the exsisting food bank, or as part of LCC, or as a totally seperate enitity. Decision as to which of these three possibilities will come as organizing evolves. Your input through Comments is appreciated. Expect an Organizing Meeting soon at the Center. Watch this spot for announcements.

Phil (Notorious) Foster "has left the building."
He picked up and took off for parts unknown after receiving a letter from the Bureau of Reclamation (Newlands). Threatening jail, confiscation of his personal property, and just plain onreyness, Phil decided the dream of a Veterans Training Center in Mustang was beyond the grasp of the East Truckee River community.
Who can blame him? Pity.
Letters to authorities over the treatment he received have been fired off. So far, only Congressman Heller has sent a "form letter" reply.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Infrastructure Fails: Blackout Hits

On February 3rd, a pole-mounted transformer (or two) blew and, by large, the town was in darkness. For many hours. Workmen got right to work repairing the damage. Television and refrigeration and street light and all the other electrical appliances so integral to our life were again working.
Rates went up on this month's bill. A co-incident of significance or preview of things to come? Say what you will, but this is a case of Stupendously Bad Timing (for a rate change). They could have waited until a month with less useage? Guess not! Bet they wonder why they have such bad PR!

Friday, February 6, 2009


That is, are you tired of all the train HORN noise?
WELL, I AM. Especially in the early morning hours!
"They" say its the law.
Trains have to sound their horn in congested areas, right?
Like Lockwood? At 3 AM?
So, here is the real skinny.
And here.
And here is more about it.
There are such things as "Quiet Zones."
Lockwood ought to be one.
Now, about the freeway...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quiet Auction: Cash on the Barrelhead

Ever been to an auction where cash on the barrelhead was the singular term of payment? (Money order, or cashier check? They were OK, but no time would be given to secure one in the right amount.) One was given Tuesday, February 3, at eleven AM, in front of Space 61 by the Lockwood Community Corporation (LCC).

There were many strange things about this auction. First, there was a "hold harmless" clause; stipulating that no guarantees were to be made as to any title, or ownership of the property auctioned, or even that the auction was bona fide. A bidder was bidding on good faith and little else, it seemed. No handouts were given out in explaination of the stringent terms, nor of the lengthy dialogue read by the auctioneer. A call for questions brought an inquiry "if a winning bidder would be given to the end of business." They would not. Cash sale means cash only, replied the auctioneer, on demand immediately at the end of the auction.

There was no doubt that every level of LCC management was present, or represented, in the small crowd that had gathered. The Secretary/Treasurer, the President and Manager were there for reasons that were unspoken.

A stranger began the action with a bid of $10,000. Nobody bid higher. Then came a demand for payment. He did not know the "cash only" aspect was firm, but offered what would be taken as good credit anywhere.. Unable to render cash payment, he was banned from further bidding. The show went on, as did overly obvious and rude comments and body language gesturing, directed at this man whose only crime was not understanding.
The auctioneer began again. Again, the winning bidder did not have cash on hand; this time due to an error in communication between him and the banned bidder.

Again, the bidding went back to a last bid of the remaining bidders, $4,500. There were three bidders that had bid the price to $6,000. Beginning again, the price went to $5,100 and it was settled.
Where else, but in Lockwood, can you buy a house for that amount of money?

It was later learned that LCC was not to benefit from any funds greater than the amount held in lien; rumored to be about $1,500 in back rent. Inquiry, about where the balance was to go, has at his writing gone without reply.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sheriff's Office Has Moved

According to the Canyon Government Improvement District (CGID) monthly one-pager mail, Commissioner Kershaw and Sheriff Miller get allocades for "the excellent coverage (by law enforcement)for the Lockwood area. The new location is in the commercial building on Canyon Way right next to the store! We are very thankful for their presence there."
Emergencies can still be helped by calling 911. Call the CGID or the Sheriff's Office 775-847-0959 for the actual physical address (mailing probably remains: 911 State Route 341 S, Virginia City, NV 89440).