Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This is where I apologise...

Tonight, on the day of election, under a full moon, my neighbor told me about the article on the front page of the Virginia City News, vol. 6, #44, dated October 31, 2014, four days ago. It was by-lined Karen Woodmansee. My neighbor even ran inside his house and brought out a copy for me to take home and read. I did.

It is never a good idea to have a Sheriff say in public that statements made in
any publishing media are an "invention." If anything, they were my confusion or failing memory as no recording was made. This was my mistake. I do apologise for any misunderstanding I may have had regarding differentiating between medical certifications and work cards. I do clearly remember that a citation was mentioned; that it led to a fine. According to the Woodmansee article, this happened back in 2012! I erred by intimating that the Sheriff laid the fine.

The interview, from which my blog entry was made, happened in late May this year. The blog entry was made June 2. It is significant that nothing was said to me, nothing was emailed to me, nor was any comment from anyone given to me about the blog entry until Commissioner Lance Gilman brought it up in a county meeting October 21. I count that as a five month period between publication and protest. However, Mr. Gilman has obviously been busy with other business. It seems my error stuck in his craw really deeply. Had I received any notification of the error, I would have corrected it immediately.

It cannot be ignored that the public meeting outburst was just 14 days before citizens were to vote...not time enough to iron out what actually happened, and to publically clarify any issues involved. This is why Editorials were invented. The VC News article reads, to me, more like an endorsement than examination. Again, it was very carefully worded; avoiding any controversy.

Clearing the air is moot at this point. I just want to say that the Sheriff may well be correct. I may have misunderstood the situation; saying medical clearances rather than work cards that were what cited and eventually fined. It was a minor point. I did not remember clearly because Sheriff Antinoro was emphasizing a point about even enforcement of the law being his primary responsibility. The Mustang Ranch incident was almost an aside remark; that was, to my best recollection, quickly passed over in our conversation.

Because of Ms. Woodmansee's investigation, I see several of my remarks to be partially or fully incorrect. Thus, I owe Commissioner Gilman an apology. It is a serious offence, and clear danger to the community, when a sex worker is "on the job" without the benefit of regular medical examinations and certification required in the law. Not having work cards is usually a purely administrative issue that is commonly attended post haste before actual work. Both are clearly required and all parties involved know it. Mr. Gilman's assertions regarding his management of medical certificates are probably correct. I have no way of knowing. However, I was in error in this instance and apologise for my mistake.

I do sincerely apologise for getting this wrong, and for any discomfort that my error may have brought Mr. Gilman, his employees, Sheriff Antinoro, and anyone else involved.

Where all this leads is up to "the powers that be." I carefully note that this minor error may now be investigated by the District Attorney; that a threat of further legal action may loom large. It seems to me that it would be best if the whole incident blows over. I am sorry that anyone was offended by my error. I may make errors in the future. I only ask you correct me so that readers eventually get the story straight.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Since it might be a dreary day...

The weather has turned. Winter approaches and often portends of a sad bit of melancholy. Well, fight it! Don't let it get you down.
Want some tools to help out in this mental struggle? Go here.
Just remember, no matter the situation, no matter how bad, "This too will pass."
For example: Election Day is Tuesday. Those annoying ads will soon disappear!