Friday, September 11, 2009

What is up with the CGID lately?

Say what you will, this is about the fence "around" the Canyon General Improvement District's (CGID) yard on Canyon Road.
My opinion: the fence is UGLY and a big waste of money: the entire south end is left completely open. It wouldn't keep out an elephant. A great 'Big F-You' to you citizens and YOUR money. It makes the community look like a military encampment.
Another example of what passes for local operations gone awry; like the sewer construction company not dealing with our current annoying dust problem. We are promised it will end by February.
The monthly sewer rates that CGID plans to start charging in January are a bit over-the-top. A call to ask about how those rates were set only brought an angry reaction and, after a few followup questions, a very rude hang up. There was an eventual call back; saying a letter from "the Federal government person" that either set, or had a major role in setting, that rate will be forthcoming. Watch this space. Governing enities on this side of the river don't seem to like questions about anything they plan. Even from a blog like this. Be forewarned.
The Board of Directors of LCC announced at this month's meeting they are planning to roll back their monthy payment demand less than half what will be the sewer fee increase of monthly CGID payments. That is, if all remains as published in the CGID monthly single-sheet-covers-all mailing that comes with their bill about a week after the first of every month..

If this information is at odds with any secrecy agreement in any current Rules and Regulations, the Board is invited to involve this writer in yet another LCC stupid law suit. After all it concerns of both the LCC corporation and wider community and folks outta know. And, of course, Consititutional guarentees to free speech.

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