Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What was THAT explosion?

A loud explosion rocked Lockwood about 1:20 this afternoon.

Many went to the street to find out what was happening. Others got in their vehicle and drove around, looking for possible danger or an explanation.

The explanation was that the construction project, building our new water treatment plant along the river in Lockwood, had used dynamite to loosen the earth for excavation. There was no siren or whistle warning discernible in LCC. No word was given in warning by CGID or LCC officials. Just a sudden, loud and earth-shaking explosion.

It might have been nice if some warning had been given, but neither CGID, the construction company, or LCC maintains an online presence (like this blog) for word to get out. And they wonder why folks complain when greeted with events like today at 1:20.

Gentlemen, if you are going to use dynamite, at least give us some warning by adding a Comment to this blog. We will appreciate it. Thanks for any consideration.

ADD on November 5th: Read the Comment below. Seems I was wrong about the where and the who. But, still, a little warning would have been appreciated. I got my information from one of the construction crew...figured he knew what he was talking about. Word to the wise...be cautious, eh?

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Dattilo818 said...

the loud blast yesterday wasnt at the treatment plant. it was more down toward the cat house. while cleaning out the peri's tool shed they came across some dynamite. the bomb squad came out and took it to an open dirt feild and blew it up.