Friday, November 14, 2008

Hello and Welcome to East Truckee River

There are big things brewing in the East Truckee River corridor; from east Sparks, to Lockwood, Mustang, Patrick, Painted Rock, Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center, and on down river to Wadsworth and Nixon. Areas of the region lack a sence of community for many reasons, not the least of which is being in counties which seem like seperate worlds.

This blog will be primarily concerned with the Lockwood area; from Sparks to Mustang. This includes Lockwood Community Corporation (LCC), Rainbow Bend, and the many other enclaves of homes in the area, including Mustang. It is intended for but not limited to resident use; with primary focus on how to improve the community standards of living, and meet the many environmental challenges of this unique area.

There is a lot of useful information going around, but also a lot of mistaken information about many 'doings' in this area. Word of mouth is an effective tool, but creates a feeling of "clique rule;" so this multi-media tool seems better, as both recording and making clear the intent of statements and events. By using this new technology, we hope to clarify where possible, and historically mark developments as they evolve.

This project will be a bust without your input.

There is a computer in the Lockwood Community/Senior Center that is largely unused. How to do things on it need only be asked (after you find out who is running that show). Instructions follow with how to deal with the various aspects of this blog. First, follow these posts. Your Comment is needed to widen the view and correct the mistaken.

All are welcome to join and offer insights, opinions and (even) second-hand information. The process is simple and straightforward.

As there does need to be some control (for legal and other obvious reasons), the Administrator (me) will be final word on what is published or allowed to remain published (by members with authority to post). So long as posts and Comments are within the bounds of legal statements, they will remain for readers to consider.

This blog is not intended to be a Bulliten Board with endless dialogues. That may come later. However, use of Comments will allow posting opposition, opposition to that opposition, and opposition to that, too. We ask you be as succinct as possible. Do not try to "re-invent the wheel," but do post URL links and other background data that will "fill in the blanks" for your readers.

There is no subject that is out of bounds. However, as this is NOT a bulliten board, please do not fill this space with trivial material. Humor is encouraged. Be aware that some have sensitivities that ought to be respected for the good of the community. That said, it is a basic freedom to express oneself in this country. So, go ahead.

There is more than this blog already set up for your use:
There is an email address:
There is a UTube site: (username) lockwoodcommunity

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