Saturday, December 20, 2008

Two Sincere Holiday Thank Yous

Many neighbors are getting ready to enjoy a free Chirstmas turkey, thanks to the generosity of affiliated motor cycle clubs in the area. This has become an annual event and follows a full turkey dinner given at Thanksgiving.

This year has been especially difficult on many a family budget. Layoffs, challenges to fixed-incomes, rising costs for groceries, heating fuel, medicines, and many other basic household items, have all been hard blows. It is extraordinarily generous, for any group or organization, to demonstrate such charitable giving; and it is appreciated beyond words. Many receipients would otherwise face the holidays making substitutions or may even have to go without. Thank You.
While we are at it, a sincere 'Thank You' to the Community Center Food Bank for their twice weekly food cupboard. These folks operate rain or shine, snow or whatever; as witnessed by Monday's regular offering. Somebody nominate them for one of those Jefferson Awards. They deserve it and our collective appreciation for their good works.

"Every little bit helps;" as the old saying goes. May God Bless.


Anonymous said...

Canyon GID commentary:
The Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (of Northern Nevada) donated 130 turkeys to the residents for Thanksgiving and had its 28th Annual Toy Run. The Toy Run produced over 2,000 toys of which about 100 went to the Community Chest of Virginia City and 200 went to Lockwood residents. The rest of the toys went to Northern Nevada's less fortunate. The 18th Annual Sally Burgess/Conforte Turkey Giveaway supplied 450 turkeys to the less fortunate in the Reno/Sparks area and 300 residents of Lockwood. These were donated by your neighbors Troy & Sarah, owners of the Peri Farm, Regas Rentals, LLC.
"We appreciate our neighbors and to show you, we kept this turkey giveaway going. We hope you had a Merry Christmas and (have) a Happy New Year.
(signed) Troy & Sara, Your Neighbors

Administrator4u said...

According to the
CGID mailer, turkeys for Christmas were supplied by Troy & Sara. owners of the Peri Farm, Regas Rentals, LLC.
Toys came from the Norhtern Nevada Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs annual Toy Run. Over 200 toys were given away to the communities inthe area, with 200 given to Lockwood residents.

Anonymous said...

2000 toys, with 200 going to kids in Lockwood