Saturday, October 9, 2010

Is this art or just punk art junk?

From Reno News and Review, October 7th edition: Vol. 16, Issue 33.
Omar Pierce, 25, is interviewed by Brad Bynum on Page 19 of the above sited publication. The subject title is "Wild Horses" in an "Art of the State" section.
In the article/publicity review, Pierce intimates that we Northern Nevadans have an "underdog mentality." A statement that lacks credulity and good sense. He calls Lockwood "dirtier and greasier" in a "classic Western image." Ending with a song lyric from a group whose name befits a seasonal holiday approaching, Pierce, through Bynum, unthinkingly ends his Our Hearts Don't Change publicity ditty with the smirking phrase, "Crucify the insincere."
See his work at Bibo 3, 945 Record Street, Reno starting October 10th at 6pm.

What did we do to deserve this?
Someday, somehow people around this area will realize that "The Dump" no longer is in Lockwood. It is in Mustang, right up the road from the now-gone Mustang Ranch. It is hard to break old habits.

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