Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mid-term Election November 2, 2010

Full tally for the Storey County voters can be found at:

A quick perusal shows more than 80% of registered voters went to the polls in Storey County. Amazing.
Harry Reid lost the county to Sharrron Angle but won the state.
Rory Reid lost 2-to-1 to Brian Sandoval, who will probably leave the Governor's off ice for higher ambition.
New District Attorney William Maddox faces what to do in the Eileen Pruitt murder case.
New Sheriff Gerald Antinoro comes to head a department with fiscal challenges.
The Truckee-Virginia City train got some money for the next 30 years.(Maybe to run tracks down to the River District/RTIP?)
Biggest shakeup: Ralph Trotter takes Edna Cudworths' seat on the CGID; Allen McKenzie takes Bret Tylers'.
Other than that, it seems like (Republican) business as usual.
Good luck to all. We/they will need it.

Thank Heaven all those terrible commercials are finally gone! It seems  that there were too many candidates that think they can say anything "long enough and loud enough" that folks begin to believe it. Underestimating the American public is political death. And perseverance furthers.

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