Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Considerations at Community Meeting: Bike Path?

At Commissioner Lance Gillman's River District Community Meeting on Tuesday, March 11th, emphasis were placed on the Bike Path, activity in Louise Peri Park, a separate Zip Code for the River District, and designate buildings as historical landmarks.
  • A 500 signature petition FOR THE BIKE PATH was said to have been given the Commissioner, changing his perspective view; as he had only heard negative comments until then. He will be looking into the situation and asked for comments from the community.
  • He introduced Cherie Nevin, Storey County Community Services Officer.  Her email is , office phone number is 775.847.0986, or write her at PO Box 7, Virginia City, NV 89440. She is liaison to the community for the Storey County government. Specifically, it was asked and answered that the place to comment on possible Bike Path construction is through her offices.
  • Commissioner Gillman also reported that "a car" will be made available for public transportation use, to be maintained by a local taxi company, in the near future. Details will be forthcoming as to how that will work.

Consider this GM video.
The only way to get from Lockwood to Sparks is on the freeway. Unless you can swim or wade upriver. Can't bike safely in that traffic. No bus or taxi service. Train don't stop here.
A new WalMart is going in at Legends; want to remain shackled: to your car, paying near-criminal gas prices; or dependent on "organized trips" to shopping there?
Doing an upgrade to to accommodate safety and new technology implies an unlikely redesign of Interstate 80. An extension of the on-ramp to westbound I-80 was seen as compromised by the State's Southern Nevada priorities.
Another way to go would be a reconstruction of Lockwood Road (Pioneer Trail); to junction Canyon Way on the north side of the Lockwood Trailhead Park, re-bridge the river near the train tressel bridge and run on the south side into Clear Water Drive; then utilize the Southeast Connector freeway bike path to access Legends shopping and Reno/Sparks in general.
So, it seems we need to think about more than a Bike Path ! Industry is calling for a "low velocity"road. Speed limits may restrict the type of vehicles allowed; bikes, electric bikes, golf cart-types, and the above. It can be done.

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Boz Hobbs said...

Getting a River District Zip Code will lift us into the 21st Century. Seems that the USPS is soliciting for new Village Post Offices to serve communities hit with recent cost-cutting closings.