Friday, May 14, 2010

Community Coming Together Over New Park Project

Members of the River District Community Coalition walk the proposed Exercise Trail. They are shown examining the existing vegetation in front of what will become a developed Dog Park. This was following a meeting in the Community Center that covered many topics.
The priorities for the Coalition were discussed, with a unified community being a major goal, children's issues, Senior's needs, and Community Connections also taking prominent  future roles.
A review of the proposed Park design and administrative movement toward its actuality was given by Pam and Deborah. Benchmarks developed  for Vision Components in the next three years was the next subject discussed. Strategies and resource development followed, in context to the next twelve months.
A full outline and the minutes of the previous meeting will be posted here, along with some visual material being developed to enhance and publicize the Coalition's activity in the community. Great work, folks!

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