Sunday, May 2, 2010

More About the New Park

From Deny Dotson:
Many thanks to the residents who attended the meeting last night. I truely appreciated ALL of the imput. I look forward to working with all of you in the future on County and/or school related projects.

Best Regards,
Deny Dotson, Director of Community Services in Storey County.

From Pam:
Valid observations all. I feel we got too far afield from the intent of the meeting, which was ostensibly to show A proposal for land use, garner input from the potential users, show how/where the $$ was coming from. I do hope that you will come to the River District Coalition meeting on May 13th to flesh out your idea of the berms and relocation of the dog park. That is what we need...thought thru ideas to put forth.

I am also one of the dog owners who pick up stray poop and am quite vocal to owners I SEE who are negligent. I like your ideas about signage. My best friend in Chicago has a wonderful dog park in her neighborhood. There's a segregated area about 15ft square for socializing and intial meeting B4 entry to the main park. There are poop bag receptacles, poop cans and a water faucet with 2 large bowls. The park users (about 80%) are conscientious and do not suffer rude users or behaviors...a good model to follow.

As for the this point there are now concrete plans or operating behaviours for the gardens. Extension service and the master gardners has expressed that they will provide help and guidance to come up with the plans...I kinda like the British model of allottments where uses can put a small shed on their portion that can be locked individual for storage. This could be accomplished with the trunk-like Ames garden boxes. This, too, is a project to be fleshed out and there are a number of people who are really interested in the portion of the overall project, e.g., Brett, Me, Michelle.

I agree that the coalition needs to come up with a timeline, which may entail meeting more than once a month.

I also spoke with Bret about putting a sandwich type sign in key yards whenever we need to diseminate info to our neighbor hood. Asking Liek at the store to put a nicely done sign on the door into the store. I am going to contact GID and HOA to find out the percentage of people who pay their bills via the boxes in the you have the same kind of drop box for LCC? With yours, Bret's and my graphic backgrounds we can come up with professional looking signage. We know people in the hood too frequently dispose, of without reading most of the stuff in their tubes.

I refuse to buy into the idea expressed last nite that not everyone has email or a this hood I'd guess about 15% that don't. So I think we need to advertise your blog further...perhaps we can get Connie to put a blurb/link in every newsletter and really use that tool!!

So these are my thoughts at this point. And my favorite Groucho line.....time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.

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