Thursday, April 29, 2010

Park Meeting Yields Progress

About 50 neighbors met tonight at Hillside School for fact sharing and public input regarding what is now being called The Peri Family Recreation Trail and Park.

There were several points that stood out: location of the proposed Dog Park; liability insurances; use of available parking; the community promotion of a Public Gardens (how that may affect both users and others); the cost of future park maintenence; the politics of using grant monies already allocated; if another park in this area is germaine; and other issues. A synopsis will be forthcoming; containing review of tonight's input (and other pertinent facts); perhaps to be included in with a coming CGID account mailing.

Deny Dotson, Storey County Community Services Director, opened his presentation with a flat statement that "nothing is set." He made it clear he feels that public input is critical in making this project a success...getting full use by the entire spectrum of age groups represented in the community. Family activities, he said, will be a focal point in the design and setting of priorities.

We learned that there will be continual public input, cumulating with another public meeting sometime in mid-August. At that meeting, it is hoped a final community approval will be realized.

Toward that end, the Lockwood Community Coalition, the primary community conduit on this project, will hold its next meeting May 13th at the Community Center from 3:30 to 5pm. The Coalition will coalesce the many ideas into specific designs and recommendations. Email for particulars.

We learned that funding is already in place. Included is: a Title I allocation to Hillside School, a grant from the National Parks Service, support from several community-based organizations, , and possible donations from individuals, businesses and collective fundraising events.

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Anonymous said...

The existing park hardly gets used. Why would the new expansion be any different? It seems like we are building a park just because the money is available, not because we need another park.

I heard someone at the meeting mention extending the Truckee River bike path to Lockwood. Now that would be something worth doing.

Anonymous said...

I think the school repair would be more important then another path. Leeking Roof, outdated air condition units, county park sumerized, extending the pre-k class for a nother year. Skate park for the kids.