Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Email from Tom Haynie:

Possible criminal activities in Lockwood Community Corporation (LCC)!
Information about activities known to have happened or that is happening in the operations of LCC need to be made known to my attorneys and myself.

This to include:

  • Mortgage fraud
  • Any other fraud or misrepresentation causing LCC money expenditure
  • Mismanagement or embezzlement of LCC funds (past or present)
  • Management or Board members lying to the membership for gain (personal and other)
  • Violation of the By-laws and CCR’s by Board Members
  • Omissions, favoritism or unaccounted expenditures or use of LCC property
  • Membership violations including favoritism in Board actions (including upcoming CCR's changes.

I have been duped because of LCC Board member action and non-action, I have lost my home and its contents (including furniture, kitchen appliances, washer, dryer, stereo, video, and clothing). The culprits are fully aware of the situation and acted against me out of personal spite.

Email and helpful information to: tm_haynie@yahoo.com or make a Comment (anonymous is OK)

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