Wednesday, June 16, 2010

River District Community Coalition Newsletter

“A unified community.”
Vol. 1 Issue 4                                            June 10, 2010
Welcome to the fourth issue of the RDCC newsletter.  We have had one meeting since our last newsletter—five regular RDCC meetings where our group has continued to plan around our vision (above) and three priorities: safe and positive opportunities for children; connecting and protecting our seniors; and connecting our communities.  We met in May on the 13th to initiate plans for door-to-door resident survey.  Minutes from that  meeting can be found on “”

At our last meeting in May the group generated a list of questions for their upcoming Door-To-Door survey.  In our June meeting the final set of questions was approved and plans were set for gaining approval from and notifying residence boards and individuals of the timeframe for the survey: July 10-16, 2010!  RDCC plans to survey all residents in Lockwood in all developments as well as on the outskirts of the river district in the Peri Homestead.  They will start this intensive effort on Saturday June 10thbetween 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. and continue in the late afternoons/evenings until Friday, June 16th.  Look for your neighbors and volunteers at your door during that time and please take a few minutes of your time to provide input to the group as they hear from each and every one of you what your thoughts are on issues from community physical improvements to programming for seniors and children.
The topic of conversation for our June 10th  meeting centered around the advantages and limitations to the current area proposed for some of the physical improvements to the community. Members of the Peri Farm attended the meeting and shared that people around their area use the land for walking dogs and exercising.  They want to be kept apprised of any work that goes on in crossing the ditch so that they can plan accordingly.  Others in attendance were concerned about actual donations that had been committed or received for improvements and whether the county would have sufficient funding to complete the improvements that residents indicate are priorities.  Members of the RDCC will plan to attend the next Planning Commission meeting in August and will petition for more frequent meetings in the Lockwood community for all county boards.  Finally, most in attendance felt it was important to have representation from the county at their meetings given the nature of the Lockwood priorities and the county’s plans for improvements, to make sure that open communication is maintained for all decisions.

The group plans to notify residents of their meetings and activities through these means:  Flyers and short announcements in CGID bills, Rainbow Bend Newsletter, Postings and flyers at the Sheriff’s office, Lockwood store, the Clothing Exchange and the Community Center, and the, of course as well as  Storey County’s website.

NOTE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO ASSIST WITH DOOR-TO-DOOR SURVEY!  Free lunch on training day 6/10/10! Contact Deborah at 775-843-2275 or Mary Ann at 775-342-6362 to sign-up!  Or email:
Dates To Note on YOUR CALENDAR:  NOTE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO ASSIST WITH DOOR-TO-DOOR SURVEY!  Free lunch on training day 6/10/10!
Click to view full calendar below.
Immediate Tasks:
Get on RB Board agenda for June 22, 2010 meeting (Mary Ann)
Get approval for Door-to-Door survey
Send out announcements of survey to all residents (see distribution list below)
Get minutes posted on websites (Deni, Storey County website; Tim, Pam)
Prepare D2D survey packets for training (Deborah)
Recruit Volunteers—each one of the five in attendance who volunteered invite another resident to assist;  Deborah will announce to CCI and Youth Development Director to recruit additional people;  request Deni Dotson recruit county staff to assist as well.
Distribution of Minutes and Announcement of Meetings:
Post minutes to (Tim)
Post flyer (page 1 of these minutes) at various locations:
Sheriffs, store, payment boxes, clothing exchange (Mary Ann)
CGID bills and Senior Center (Merilee)
Rainbow Bend newsletter and HOA website (Pam)
Write a blurb for the CGID- Pam
Print out flyers for distribution (Bret and Mary Ann)
The flyer for public distribution should include the meeting date, time, location, purpose and a note to check-out the full minutes on the blog and county website.
To report findings from Door-to-Door survey conducted July 10-16, 2010. The next RDCC meeting is scheduled for July 21, 2010 from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

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