Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Black Rock Solar at Hillside School/Peri Park

Without published public disclosure, Black Rock Solar, a spin off of Burning Man, has begun installation of photo-voltaic arrays in the area of Louise Peri Park formerly designated as a community dog park. Black Rock Solar is known throughout Northern Nevada for these installations that have proven to be considerable cost savings to school districts involved. One wonders who will own the installation and be responsible for the upkeep. Kudos given whomever was vanguard towards realizing the greening improvement to the community. Also noted near this site is a chain link fence installation with large gate; preventing access to the road that leads to the water tower on the hillside. Looks expensive. Who paid for this construct; CGID or county? Why are most the streetlights on Peri Ranch Road burnt out with winter upon us? Photos were taken November 13th, about 10am.

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